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Angler Lake and Camping Szalánta

Angler Lake and Camping Szalánta home


The Lake and It's Surroundings

The lake is situated outside Szalánta, it can be found from the Pécs-Harkány road, number 58.
Take a left turn at the 12th km sign which is marked by a tourist note. It is a concrete road leading to a big, free parking place.
The lake is 15,000 m2, it is surrounded by grass, and big trees offer shade.
On the east side in a green area there are fireplaces for cooking and grilling with suitable tables and benches.
There is a playground built for children.

The lake was opened on 1st May 2001.
Basic angling goods are available: fish-hook, feeding-basket, line, bait.


South of Baranya offers great touristic possibilities.
It is very rich in sights, so it offers many different and interesting programmes and its worth exploring the area. Some of the programmes include the cultural and historic town of Pécs with its mediterrenian feel, the exceptional powers of Harkány heeling waters, the castle of Siklós, the wine route of Siklós-Villány and the church in Mariagyûd, are all great programme offers.

Restaurant - Shop - Anglers Shop

In Szalánta one can find a petrol station, a restaurant, a grocery shop, a chemistry and a general practitioner is available.

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